Exploring Chilliwack's Newest Gem

Last weekend we headed out to check out the newest trail network in Chilliwack at the Chilliwack Community Forest. We had heard a lot about it and wanted to check it out for ourselves. We loaded up the mountain bikes and headed out. It was super easy to find, Just a five minute drive off Highway 1 at Annis Rd. Once you arrive, there was a great little parking lot with a large covered area which would be great for a picnic after your hike or ride. Also an outhouse style washroom awaits if needed.

All of the trails loop and are super well marked thanks to the hard work of the FVMBA and FVRD. The trails are great for mountain biking and hiking. Most runs are blue fun single track with the exception of three black runs, one of which is called Spotlem a fun flowy, run with table tops. That run is fairly new and does need a bit of work now that the rains and riders have graced it. It will however get better with time. Also there is a great hike that is about 7 km to the Glory Lookout which is on our list to check out next. Even with the well marked trails my husband, who once in the trees, tends to get a little turned around, did take us the wrong way once and we ended up having to hike a bike quite a bit. However had he listened to me, we would have rode down that wonderful trail instead, lol. So the moral of the story is, always listen to your wife she will always point you in the right direction, lol

Whether on foot or bike you and your family and friends will enjoy a great time at the Chilliwack Community Forest.