Halloween with Teens

This is the first year that I am torn about Halloween. I can’t believe that its already here! It seems like yesterday that I was scooting my little munchkin and our family dog around my sisters neighbourhood trick or treating for the first time. Now here we are trying to figure out if our 13 year olds can go out for one last hurrah or if we should be making other fun plans. I’ve been thinking about it and have come to this conclusion, if teens come to my door with an awesome costume on and have put in the effort then I’m ok with giving them candy. My problem is if they don’t make an effort and show up in a hoody essentially begging for candy, then to me that’s a no go. What are your thoughts? So I decided to put together some alternative ideas on what Halloween can look like now that our kids are at the age of moving on to the next faze of this holiday eve.

Hand out Hot chocolate in the neighbourhood. - Have a donation box for a local teen/ child charity. Decide together with your teen who they would like to support. Make a sign so people know where the donations are going.

Put together a family friendly haunted house / driveway. Hand out candy. After years of being the scared kids at the fun house on the street, now its their turn to get creative and have some fun.

Host a fun Halloween party. Loads of fun, slimy games and food to keep everyone entertained. Costumes are mandatory, have a prize for best costume. This is even a great idea for a school night because there’s an end time, which is a good thing am I right!

Haunted Corn Maze or House - This ideas has come up once or twice, however depending on your child this could either be a good idea or a really bad one, lol. I for one couldn’t do this, but its not about me thank goodness! Give Mann Farms Haunted Corn Maze a try

I think that we’ve come to the conclusion to combine a few of these ideas into one night. Our kids are going to meet for dinner at our friends for a nice warm soup supper. Then off for a bit of trick or treating. Then we are meeting at Chestnut Springs where Farm to Forno is serving fire grilled pizza for $20 with all proceeds going to Ruth and Naomi’s Mission. Then back to a little Halloween Party till 9:00 then home to bed! Fewph what a night! I’m tired just thinking about it. I think the kids will love it. Our kids have been going out with the same group for years and its turned into quite a tradition.

As a parent of teen I certainly am feeling like the days of old are slipping away. Hayden isn’t liking the same things he used to anymore and I find that making the holidays magical and special is getting harder and harder. I’m working hard at trying to create new traditions and memories something that I can hopefully carry on for years and not have him grow out of.

Let me know in the comments some of the thing that you do with your growing family to make the holidays special and create new traditions.

Happy Halloween!

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